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Legend of the Guardians II - Legend of Kludd

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:12 am    Post subject: Legend of the Guardians II - Legend of Kludd Reply with quote

This might end up being a really short story or a really long story...but it'll come in parts. So far I've written the first part. enjoy.

"Soren! My wing is broken! Help me up!"

Soren was slightly reluctant as to whether this was a trick or if he should really help him.

"Soren....I'm your brother!"

Soren pulled harder. He'd almost succeeded...but let go as Kludd yanked on his talons and attempted a swipe at his face. But the branch kludd had been limply hanging on to began to break.


Soren woke up gasping. This nightmare had been going on for a while now. He was too shook up to try and sleep again. It was almost nighttime, anyways. He peered outside of his hollow.

Soren had loved his brother dearly, despite the fact that he'd refused to do anything Soren did after they got snatched. He didn't come when he and Gylfie were led away, he didn't come when he was able to escape, and...he didn't come when he was losing the war. He'd stolen his own sister from her nest and moonblinked her so that she wouldn't be able to think of what to do when she was trapped there. But still he loved him. After all, he was his brother.

He couldn't come up with a reason to Kludd's behavior throughout their lives...Kludd was the oldest of them all, so that had to be a good plus to Kludd's life...but he was so stand-offish, whether it was in the hollow during their meals or out when they were branching. He always seemed so angry. Soren had never taken that into mind until now...was Kludd angry because of what he was doing? If so, what was it that he was doing so wrong?

Then something in his head suddenly clicked. Some of Kludd's last words.

"How could you join the Pure Ones after what they did to us?"

"What they did to us? They believe in me like no one else EVER has!"
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Joined: 22 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A barn owl stared out across the gray skies of the St. Aegolius Canyons. This was the first time it rained in the canyons for many, many, many moons. What was this feeling that he was getting from the weather? Defeat was definitely part of it, but he felt many feelings he'd never felt before. Was it...longing? He'd always been longing something. But was he longing for something he could no longer have? A family? A friend?


He was alone. Truly alone. There would be no turning back. He was a new owl, a new person. No mother, no father. No brother, no sister. They would never take him back. He would never take them back. No, not after how he had felt in the early years of his life.

He took off from his perch in the giant crevice of his watchtower cave. He wasn't sure where exactly he was going, let alone where he wanted to go. His wings led him to the Tyto Forest. He listened with his barn owl (or in his mind, Pure) hearing and heard young owlets peeping at their parents for stories of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole. He felt a bit enraged inside, thinking of the defeat of his kind thanks to them. He perched a couple trees away and listened.

None of the owlets were at all angry with the stories of the Guardians. He found this odd, almost a bit unsettling. Maybe there was something wrong with him all along...had his family's ways really been the right way all along?

Paying close attention, he'd recognized the tree of the owl family's nest. It had been his home at one time, but that was very long ago. He remembered it more and more as he watched. As he looked closer, he could still see the drawings inside the hollow that his siblings had made when they spoke of the Guardians. He pondered as to how his sister was doing.

He'd never truly meant to harm her, he used her to gain acceptance of who was now his mate, Nyra. Maybe it had helped him get into the position he was in now. He wonder if his sister ever did overcome her moonblinked case. Maybe a small part of him wanted acceptance of his sister, too. All she ever did was listen to Soren.


He felt enraged. He felt ashamed. He felt truly defeated.

He had almost gotten to Soren, almost. But Soren was too quick. And thanks to Soren, he'd become even more burned and wounded than he'd originally been. As if his cut up face wasn't enough. The tasmanian devil fight began to flash in his head.

But wait...Soren was fighting it. For him. Was he really trying to protect him? Did his dreams truly make him strong? Why did he hide while his brother went head on and attacked?

So many throughts ran through his mind. But he was getting tired. It was almost first light. He should go back to his cave before Nyra began to wonder where he'd gone. He remembered the aftermath of the battle...

He walked up through the wreckage of the fallen, dead trees and to the cave that he'd once watched his leader go over the Pure One's plans, Metal Beak. But this time when he saw Metal Beak, he was laying there limply, dead. His mask had fallen off. He was almost too afraid to see what it had looked like all that time behind it.

Instead, he took the mask of Metal Beak and fastened it onto himself. It was bigger than it should be for his size, but he could get a more fitting one later. This was better than nothing.

In his thoughts rang, "My name isn't Kludd. Kludd lived in a simpler time. My real name...is Metal Beak!"
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