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Gylfies private life Book one The visit home

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:30 am    Post subject: Gylfies private life Book one The visit home Reply with quote

This is my idea for a story,please reply and tell me what you think.

Chapter one The Time For A Visit

"Auntie Glyfie, do you have to go?"Bell whined when Gylife announced she was going on a visit to the desert."Now Bell"Pelli cooed"everyone needs a break from daily life.""Yes,mum".Soren nodded in agreement.Gylfie,his friend since St.Aggies,needed a break.Soren knew firsthand that owls need breaks."Thank you Soren,for agreeing to this,I am exasperated here!"Gylfie said."Anything for my best friend."Glyfie bowed,a habit she just began doing"Now Gylfie,you don't need to do that."All the owls in that hollow churred loudly.

Once the three B's were fast asleep The Band gathered on a ledge outside the parliement hollow.They all were teary eyed.This is the first time any of them had gone any where without at least one of them.Even mighty Twlight had a glitter of a tear in his eye."Bye,little bud"Twlight said and grabbed her in his mighty wings"Good luck little owl with big words".The entire Band churred.Gylfie murmmured"He will never change".Again the band began to churr.Gylfie spread her tiny wings and began to flap.She lofted up and flew off into the rising sun.Once she was out of sight, the rest of the Band made its way back inside.

Chapter two,A trip home

"Eeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhh"The Snowy turned turned her head.She expected a Barn Owl.What she saw was a distinctive little elf owl.She was being attacked by a Barn Owl! It was screaming"You are Gylfie,you helped kill my LORD!"The Snowy flew torwards Gylfie.'That's how I know her' thought the snow'she is Gylfie,and she is being attacked by a remnant Pure One!'.She flew into action.The barn owl saw the snow.This bought Gylfie enough time to slash the wings off of the barn owl.
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