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Elementia (WIP)

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"Get up Torion!" Chirped my sister Emma. "Do i have to?" I moaned and turned over. "You do! You have a flying test today! Remember?!" She said. "Oh.. Yeah." I groaned. I stood up and looked up at Emma, she was about 3 months old and wouldn’t have her test for four years. I walked over to the edge of the hole in a tree where me and my family lived. We lived in a city called Areania. Suddenly my two best friends Jake and Leaf flew over, they had already taken their tests. "Cmon Torion! Dont wanna be late!" Jake yelled and flew with me and Leaf following. "Torion, of Areania, you may start your test by flying through this simple course." The council leader said. I flew through three hoops made from trees, then flew past a pole of vines and twigs. I glided over a small patch of water and landed perfectly on the platform i started from. "Well done Torion, youve passed that simple starting test, now you must start the real challenge." He said and led me to another platform. "Fly through those five hoops with fire then transport five stones one at a time through those hoops." He told me. "This wont be easy.." I thought and flew through them and picked up one stone. The stone was heavy and dragged me down a bit but i flapped hard and transported four stones before the trouble came.......
I gripped the last stone between my talons and was flying through the last hoop before i felt something hit me and tackle me to the ground. "You." The creature shrieked with relief. "Me?" I whispered to myself. It jumped onto me and pinned me to the ground. One of the council members swopped down and sweeped its sharp talons across the creatures back. The creature knocked him to the ground with incredible speed and lifted its talons to my neck. All of a sudden my Dad tackled him off of me and began to cut at him with his talons. The creature shrieked and pinned him down and I heard a horrible shriek of pain before the silence and darkness....
I woke up moments after I blacked out and saw a figure with armor and the tips of his wings looked sharp enough to stab someone with, the figure also had armor for his talons, which made the talons look and feel sharper. He looked at me and only mumbled “Fire” And swiftly flew away. I saw my fathers limp body several feet away and dragged myself over. His stomach wasn’t rising and his eyes were closed. “Dad? Dad!” I yelled as owls from Areania and the council surrounded us. That’s when I realized, he was dead.
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