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Book 1 In the Cursed Pages Trilogy: White Book

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:55 pm    Post subject: Book 1 In the Cursed Pages Trilogy: White Book Reply with quote

((A few points: 1 this is completely unedited. 2 THERE ARE OWLS...later in the story.))


Stonewulf trotted silently cross a great plainland.

The Book was near; he could sense it. He howled to the evening air a long purposeful song. A rumble of thunder replied, and he stopped his melody to listen. After the heavenly growl had ended, he whispered a small prayer to Lupus:

"Is the Book near? I cannot smell it, but my heart is burning and my blood is roaring. Something is here...please help me on my journey to find it."

He swung his great head around, waiting for some indication as to what direction he should go. Then, a great breeze swept past him. As he trotted with the wind, his eyes narrowed and his hackles raised. He suddenly raced off, adrenaline giving him the temporary illusion of invincibility. The further he went, the more his instincts burned, the more his senses twicthed and the faster he ran.

Suddenly, the world darkened. A deep wailing, one of the earth that only wolves could detect, defeaned him and he stopped. Only about five feet from where he stood was a dark shape reeking of human. Upon closer look, he could see it was, indeed, a human; just a young female pup. But it also shared the scent of something else on it:

White Book.
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Joined: 15 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chapter 1
Memories, Hope and Piracy

When Faldom first came out of the unconsciousness of sleep and into the awareness of solid day, his first thoughts were of lies; to himself, mostly.

For everything that had happened in just the last few months did, indeed, feel like a dream. All of the mightmarish reality was all so sudden, so full of coincedence that, for the first few moments of consciousness, he could beleive it was all just that: a nightmare.

But this hopeful thinking was instantly dashed when his sister, Gretki, coughed beside him. In that single moment, the pleasnt bliss of ignorance had left him.

Some firt trickled down his cheek, and he opened his eyes. It was dark, but then, it was always dark in the hole he know called his shelter. The air was musty; roots clung to the ceiling and small stones and pebbles coated the rouch, barren dirt floor. The only sounds to be heard were the struggled gasps of his sister, Gretki, who was sleepng beside him. He turned over to look at her.

Her frail body lay, shivering, beneath a pile of blankets. Even as he watched, he feared that her weak, sick body would still forever, embraced by the cold lock of death.

He shivered once and got up.

The outside was brisk and windy. He could see from the far horizon a storm was forming. Already it looked nasty, malevolent. By evening, he guessed, it would reach them and unleash its wrath...or its pain.

He took one lst glance at the hole before he turned and began to walk towards the town, Kamakar. It was as any other day; he would help out the shopkeepers and stall owners for tips. What little amount he made he would spend on food and blankets for Gretki. Faldom made a very conscious effort to use as little of the money as he could on himself.

Just a few days before their father died, Gretki became seriously ill. Even as the hours passed, it worsened. No medicine helped, and even the sage's words did not heal her. And then his father...

Faldom pushed his death out of his mind. It was simply too gruesome, too frightened to recall. Even as the memory attempted to infiltrate his mind, a teardrop fell from the sky and a gust of wind shoved him as if the earth, too, was remembering that day.

He quickened his stride as he approached Kamakar. Already candles were being lit in the houses to fight off the dark grayness of early morning. As Faldom passed through the gates of Kamakar, a wind pushed him back, as if telling him to stay out. But he passed through it much like one passes through a ghost; effortlessly, and without much notice of the sudden chill of his spine.

A crack of thunder brought Gretki to her senses.

The roaring of the wind from outside echoed from within the hole. The inside flashed momentarily with light as a band of lightening streaked down from the sky, followed hesitantly by another thindering snap.

A quick glance around the hole told her Faldom wasn't there. It wasn't that unusual, but she still felt the chill of loneliness. She lay there, thinking, listening to the rain and wind. The sounds of the outside were so monotone it actuually gace her the illusion of silence.

From within the beat of the storm, Gretki made out a howl.

It went on long and almost melancholy before she lost the song in a bout of thunder. By the time the harsh booming had subsided, the howl had ended.

Gretki couldn't help but be both fascinated and frightened by the wild song. In her own mind, it was beautiful and almost reasurring. But Faldom had always been talking of the evil of wolves, of their vicious and cruel nature. But although he put special emphasis on the malevolence of their being, she felt excited by the possibility of the presence if such a wild creature. Curious, she crawled to the entrance of the hole, dragging the blankets behind her. Even the simple movement had her exhausted, but her curiousity was not to be quenched so easily.

She pulled herself up until she was looking out. Droplets of rain cascaded down and stung her face. If there had been a wolf out, she wouldn't have taken notice, for her mind had locked.

Through the curtains of rain, she could see Kamakar. Outside were four wagons blocking the north, south, east and west enterances. Traders never did that. Even if these were traders, she had never seen them come in such a large group.

No, these were marauders.

The breath caught in Faldom's throat as the call of a wolf went off in the distance.

On top of the current situation, the howl had the same effect on him as funeral bells; harrowing, with and evil, cold chill to it. He pressed his eyes tight. He would get out of here. He had to...for Gretki.

Marauders had blocked off all entrances. Even now, they were ransacking houses and stealing other boys, like him. Thatwas what worried him most.

He had heard of marauders; they attacked small towns and villages, taking any goods or kids. Then, when they reached larger cities, they sold the wares and slaves. Basically, if you were a large enough community, you were customers. If you were small enough to raid, you were victims. Thesde particular raiders were a big enough group to not only collect the common wares, but people. At this point, it wouldn't be long before he was caught.

They were beginning at the north end and, as sort of a band of men, were moving towards the south end. The entire town was built stupidly; perfect for expected battles, but terrible for sneak attacks. It was laid inside a circular, twenty foot fence made of tall, thick trunks. Sharpened at the tops, withonly four entrances to get in or out. Should there be a battle, you could close off the enterences and attack with bows. Should you be sneaked up on, you were trapped, defenseless, inside.

He peeked around the corner of a house.

Sure enough, there were two men guarding the path still, while others went into the houses to steal away whatever treasures of trash lay inside. Faldom had been walking ahead of them about twenty feet, watching, waiting for an opening he could get through to reach other other side of the band. All it would take was one careless man,one peice of fruniture that was too heavy for just a few men to carry. But despite his silent pleading, they progressed further and further without a single chance to escape.

It hit him like a brick that, should he be taken as a slave, not only would Gretki be alone, but as good as dead. He put his hand in his pocket and brought out his knife. It was now that Faldom realized he wasn't fighting for his life; he was fighting for Gretki's.

He didn't unfold it, but kept it clasped in his fist. Should it come to it, his best chance would be a sneak atack.

Suddenly, he heard the wolf howl again. Just the thought of the wolf, the demonic creature, made him ever more frightened. Its howl was cut short by a rage of thunder. In that same moment, something struck him in the knee. Both legs buckled, and something then pushed him down onto his stomach, and forced him to lay down flat in the mud.

((wil add the rest later))
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