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The Night Is My Song - Commander Noctua's Legacy

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:38 am    Post subject: The Night Is My Song - Commander Noctua's Legacy Reply with quote

I am the keeper. I have no care for fighting. I wish to stop it all, but yet I fight. I am covered in endless scars from fights. I wear no battle claws unless it is absolutely vital. I am Noctua, Barn Owl. I welcome you to my world. My story is long, and if you wish to hear it, come closer, little one. I am a blacksmith. Many would never think that, and I知 not entirely sure myself how my feathers never get singed, or how my talons never get soot or ashes on them. My story is one of endless scars. I hate war. War is painful, not only through the bloodshed, but it can also do damage to your heart. Many have lost their loved ones through war, including me. My best friend, Selim, a Grass Owl, died in war. She wasn稚 even fighting, but an ambush to her nest caused her and her family痴 death.
Now listen here, young置n, for I must tell you, if you look into the depth of a war, you see that looking into a war, or being in a war is being a part of Hagsmire. Pure Hagsmire, young置n. The souls lost in war, however, are bits and pieces of the story of Glaumora. This story of Glaumora is a long and true one, with as much bloodshed and as many heartbreaks in the real world.
I am like the wind. I am a wisp of what is, has been, and is yet to come. You, young置n, are like the breezes that later become a storm. But alas, you can choose and change your path and become the tailwind of a lost traveler. You may help along the poor and weary, but when comes along one who brings ill will to the innocent, you become the headwind to this piece of Hagsmire, and slow his journey. But, like the headwind, you cannot stop his journey altogether.
There is another lesson, young置n that you must be taught. This is the lesson of love and friendship. Now understand that many owls will come in and out of your life, but you will remember few of them when you move on. Only these true friends will show you that life is important. Enjoy life, young置n, for if you knew that today could be your last day, how would you live it? How would you live your last day, young置n?
I wish to be a healer, and to right all wrongs, yet I am here in Ambala, making battle claws and armor. I don稚 dislike my path, and it is what I have chosen. Come closer, young置n and listen to the wind. Listen to the stories embedded in the wind. Listen. These stories are ones of old, for the whispers of these stories are old, very old. But if you listen closely on the night of a storm, you may hear a whisper, just one out of many, but this whisper is one that only you can hear. It is the whisper of your story. Your story, young置n, yours. The night is my song. Listen to your song, young;un, listen to your song.

Commander Noctua
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