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The Guardian's read The Capture

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 6:05 am    Post subject: The Guardian's read The Capture Reply with quote

Hi! This my first story so don't be too harsh. Lauren is MY character. If you have something bothering you about this story, PM. I be happy to explain my story.

Chapter 1: Getting The Capture
"Is this the book you were speaking of?" asked Soren to the young owl before him. She bobbed her head excitedly. Soren had asked all the young owls of the weather and collier chaw to bring one book to him. He said that Coryn requested to see what books still remained after the Striga incident.

Lauren, that was the young owl's name, had told Soren after chaw practice that her Da had given her book on him.

"It's called The Capture," she told him enthusiastically. "It's about what happened in Saint Aggie's, how you meet the rest of the Band, and few other things."

Soren had looked the the black Barn owl in confusion. "Very few owls know about what happened in Saint Aggie's. I know that you would not lie to anyone, but I would feel more comfortable if you could show me the book."

Lauren had agreed to give Soren the book the next night. At first, Soren thought that he should read it to the Three B's and Pelli. But around the time that Lauren came to give Soren the book, he had decided something else.

"Lauren," he said to the young female, "Do you think that you could read the story to a couple of us?" Soren could see that her gizzard was exploding in joy. She loved to read, she was almost a supportable version of Otulissa.

"You mean it?" she asked him, her voice drenched in awe and disbelief.
Soren nodded at the girl. He could her struggling to hold an outburst of pure joy. "I would be honored."
I'm a pyscho, imaginative, obsessive, reading freak of nature. And I'm proud!
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Joined: 19 Mar 2011
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quick note:
normal: what characters are saying.
I don't own what is in bold. It's KL's. Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Prologue and A Nest Remembered
When Soren said a few owls, Lauren had thought it would only be the Chaw of Chaws. But it wasn't. Part was the the Chaw of Chaws. She looked at the owls assembled before her. Soren, Gylfie, Twilight, Digger, Otulissa, Ruby, Martin, Bubo, Madame Plonk, Coryn, Pelli, Eglantine, and Cleve. Soren looked at Lauren and urged her to start.
So, she began:
''Prologue?'' interrupted Twilight. "Why would there be a Prologue?''
Otulissa shot Twilight a withering glare. "Oh, give it a blow. Lauren, please continue."
Lauren obliged:
The world spiraled, the needles of the old fir tree blurred against the night sky and then there was a sickening sensation as the forest floor raced towards him. Soren madly tried to beat his stubby little wings. Useless! He thought,I am a dead. A dead owlet. Three weeks out of my shell and my life ends!
The parliament went silent has every eye was on Soren. Soren shrugged and nodded to Lauren.
So, she continued:
Suddenly, something began to soften his fall-a pocket of breeze? A cushion of air? A downy fluff of air lacing through his unsightly patches of fuzz? What was it? Time slowed. His short life flowed by him- every second of it from his very first memory...
"Poetic much?" asked Martin as all owls churred at his question.
"I dabble," replied Soren. "Go on, Lauren."
Feeling new energy,she started the First Chapter:
A Nest Remembered.
"Noctus, can you spare a bit more down, darling? I think our third little one is about to arrive. That egg is beginning to crack."
"Not again!" sighed Kludd.
"What do you mean, Kludd, not again? Don't you want another little brother? his father said. There was an edge to his voice.
"Or sister?" His mother sighed the low soft whistle Barn Owls sometimes used.
"I'd like a sister," Soren peeped up.
"You just hatched out two weeks ago." Kludd turned to Soren, his younger brother. "What do you know about sisters?"

Maybe,Soren thought to himself,they would be better than brothers. Kludd seemed to have resented him since the moment he had first hatched.
No owl heard the last sentence, they were laughing over the last sentence.
"It's quite true to me," said Soren looking at Eglantine, who churred even harder.
Lauren cleared her throat and continued:
" You really wouldn't want them arriving just when you're beginning branching," Kludd said dully. Branching was the first steps, literally, toward flight. The young owlets would begin by hopping to branch to branch and flapping their wings.
"Now, now, Kludd," his father admonished."Don't be impatient. There'll be time for branching. Remember, you won't have your flight feathers for at least another month or more."
Soren was about to ask what a month was when he heard a
crack. The owl family seemed to freeze. To any other forest creature the sound would have been imperceptible. But Barn owls were blessed with extraordinary hearing.
"You got that right," said Twilight, who was instantly admonished by Otulissa.
Lauren ignored both owls:
"It's coming!" Soren's mother gasped."I'm so excited." She sighed again and looked rapturously at the pure white egg as it rocked back and forth. A tiny hole appeared and from it protruded a small spur.
"It's an egg tooth, by Glaux!" Soren's father exclaimed.
"Mine was bigger, wasn't it, Da?" Kludd shoved Soren aside to get a better look, but Soren crept back up under his father's wing.
"Oh, I don't know, son. But isn't it a pretty, glistening little point. Always gives me a thrill. Such a tiny little thing pecking it's way into a big wide world. Ah! Bless my gizzard, the wonder of it all."
It did indeed seem a wonder. Soren stared at the hole that now split into three or four cracks. The egg shuddered slightly and the cracks grew longer and wider. He had done this himself just two weeks ago. This was exciting.
"What happened to my egg tooth, Mum?"
"It dropped off, stupid," Kludd said.
"Oh," Soren said quietly. His parents were so absorbed in the hatching that they didn't reprimand Kludd for his rudeness.
"Where's Mrs. P.? Mrs. P.?" his mother said urgently.
"Right here, ma'am." Mrs. Plithiver, the old blind snake who had been with the owl family for years and years, slithered into the hollow. Blind snakes, born without eyes, served as Nest-maids and were kept by many owls to make sure nests were clean and free of maggots and various insects that found their way into the hollows.

Digger looked mystified. "Who doesn't know what nest-maids are?"
Twilight puffed up. "I didn't know!"
Lauren quickly resumed reading:
"Mrs. P., no maggots or vermin in that corner where Noctus put fresh down."
"'Course not, ma'am. Now, how many broods of owlets have I been with you?"
"Oh, sorry, Mrs. P. How could I ever have doubted you? I'm always nervous at the hatching. Each one just like the first time. I never get used to it."

"Who does?"sighed Pelli. All owls nodded.
Lauren resumed reading:
"Don't you apologize, ma'am. You think any other birds would care two whits if their nest was clean? The stories I've heard about seagulls! Oh, my goodness! Well, I won't even go into it."
Lauren stopped. "I think I should go." She handed the book to Cleve. "Read it if you like."
And with that, she flew out of the hollow.
I'm a pyscho, imaginative, obsessive, reading freak of nature. And I'm proud!
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