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PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2011 8:55 am    Post subject: Rise Reply with quote

The story is about two owls. They live in the Northern Kingdom. Rise a female Great Horned owl lives in a normal family, but she has a special power called Firecatcher where she can pretty much catch fire. You will learn more soon enough.
The other main character is a male Great horned owl named Flykin. He is born to the evil leaders of the group The Great Ones. The Great One want to rule the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. Well Flykin is born good.
There adventures leads to them finding each other.

Silently owls waited as the evil leaders of the Great Ones egg hatch.

"Do you see the egg tooth!?"

"Shut up!"

"Make me!"
"I will make you!" screeched Lady Great "I would like to see my prince or princess hatch!"

The egg hatched. "A BOY!!!" screeched Lady Great. A male great horned owl who wore a metal mask, and battle claws, and had a large X scar on his chest came to the newborn.

"Dear we have baby boy! Let us name him.... Flykin after you!"

Lord Great nodded "We shall name him that."

Lord Great then looked at the crowd of the evil Great ones. "This is your next King! He will be the most evil and greatest owl you have ever thing! All bow down to him!!!"

All the owls bowed down to what they thought was the most evilest owl ever. They were wrong........

Chapter 1
"Rise just try and learn how to knit!"

Rise sighed. Her mother was always trying to get her to learn how to knit. Lana and Bloom Rise's older sisters where great at knitting. Every Female owl in this family had to learn to knit, while Rise's brother, Roland, got be her father's apprentie.

Her father was a famous blacksmith. Rise wanted to learn the art of fire so much! It just wasn't fair! Roland could care less about the art of fire. Rise only could learn the art from the many books her Mum and Da had in there giant librarey.

"Please Mum not today."

"You say that every day, dear."

"Just give up Mum," said Bloom.

"Yes Mum she will never learn," said Lana

"Maybe later we can try," said Mum

"Yeah maybe," mumbled Rise, and she went, and read the fire cycle again. Rise was fastinated with Theo the first Blacksmith.

"You been reading all day dear," Mum said "Go vist Da and Roland in the forge."

"Okay," Rise said. She didn't really mind to go to the forge. She flew down to the forge next to the family tree. Rise was still learning how to fly so had to go a bit slow.

When Rise walked into the forge, and saw the glorious orange flames. Something was different when she looked at the flames. Rise eyes became orange like the flames, and she was lost looking deep into the fire. Rise was in a trance!

More to come later!
Gyflie, Theo, and Soren are my fav chracters. I love Warriors too. Windclan is the best clan ever. Tallstar is best leader and cat ever. Onestar is yucky
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