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Story of Revenge

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:09 pm    Post subject: Story of Revenge Reply with quote

Story of Revenge

I am Eli.
This is my story of finding out who was to blame for my Mother's and Fathers's death.
I was once just an owlet, just trying to grow up to be like my father Jacob and my mother Lily
but then one day everything changed when The Pure Ones attacked us in our hollow.
Everything and everyone that I knew was taken from me in an instant.
They died by someone's talons, and by someone's orders.
I vowed that I would bring the ones responsible to justice.
I will never stop looking.

Wounded, Eli struggled with Arein, he was much stronger than the last time they encountered each other.
Arein was swinging faster with rage and wasn't giving Eli any chance to hit back, his blows only seemed to get harder each time.
Soon Arein managed to get a full swing of his sword at Eli, it would have taken his head off if it wasn't for his helmet.
Dazed from the blow Eli droped from the sky and hit the ground so hard it knocked the breath from him.
He looked up and saw Arein grining with his sword pointed at him.
"You know," Arein started "Your father was always The Best, The Hero, The One True Warrior. No one ever even glanced at me! I lost my family fighting in that war! And no one, not even your father did anything about it! So his family dies that same way mine did! To War!".
With the final word uttered he raised his sword and Eli slowly closed his eyes and waited.
Waited for the end.

((This is a story that I wanted to fit in with my RP character. Please note that I'm not the fastest or the best writer but if people really like the begining of the story I will try to continue it Smile ))
When you're alone, holding on to dear life, close your eyes. See your past, present, and future.
Wake your self up, and take on the world. You already know whats going to happen.
Fight untill your last breath.
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