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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:15 am    Post subject: Avalon Reply with quote

Sleep. Sleep was good.

Sleeping in your little nest, tucked inside your little niche of your tree. The seaweed over your doorway to block out the fall breeze and give an aroma of home. Huddled in the back of your hollow, trying to sleep warmly. Your own little room, all to yourself. No one comes by. What's the need for the space? Your little perch branch moving slightly with the wind outside. You can hear it. You can hear all the owls in your great big tree in their hollows, waking up or cooing in their sleep. It's almost night time. You have to get up soon. You don't want to; what was the purpose? No one said hello. You were perfectly comfortable. Here. Your little nest, your little hollow, your little perch, in this great big tree. The Ga'Hoole tree. Full of owls of all shapes and sizes, different owls with different hearts.

Just another number, just another owl. That's all you were, it's all you felt. You had friends, yes; they say hi if they see you. Then move on their way with whatever they're doing with whoever they're going with. Are they friends, or mere acquaintances? You like when they say hello. However, that doesn't happen too often, and hardly ever were you invited for a meal or to go to a place...whether at the tree, or across the Sea of Hoolemere for an adventure.

What were you doing wrong? Are you missing something? What quality do you lack that owls always need? Or did you have something you weren't supposed to have? You can't understand. You just want a friend.

To spend your days, you would fly out around the tree, secretly hoping somebody you know will say hello and fly with you. When that fails as it always does, you go to the library. Of course, you'd eat, too; there wasn't much else for you to do. You have graduated your chaw in weather and colliering. Occasionally you would step out on a mission if they were short of participants.

You'd sigh and head back to your hollow as daylight breaks again, sometimes staying up a bit throughout the day to read. You wouldn't feel the need to bring the books back to your hollow often, since you were there most of the day. When you weren't concentrating on anything in particular, you'd sit on your perch and watch the owls, doing their work, flying with their friends, enjoying their life. You'd feel like the only owl who couldn't feel or express that joy properly.

Listening to Madame Plonk was enjoyable. Her songs give you the feeling that someone was speaking to you, singing for you. Of course, not just to you, as others would sometimes feel...but just the idea of someone taking a note of you, acknowledging that you're there...it makes you happy. It fills you up, for the few minutes she sings.

But then she finishes.

It's quiet.

And you have to remind yourself that there's nobody there.
take some time to enjoy the stormy weather
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