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Legend of the Guardians: Alternative Plot

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:29 pm    Post subject: Legend of the Guardians: Alternative Plot Reply with quote


Another morning. Another day.

Another odd way for an owl to live.

Soren blinked open his tired eyes, trying to adjust to the light. He and his brother, Kludd, had been snatched to become soldiers for the Pure Ones. Kludd enjoyed their training and their future to serve. Soren, however, was miserable, but never did show it...at least not to the public owl's eye.

He had befriended an owl in the pelletorium, an elf owl his age named Gylfie. She was snatched, but not to be a soldier because she wasn't in the Tyto genus. Soren, Kludd, and several other apprentices had to help patrol the St. Aggie's grounds to make sure everything was in order. Soren and Gylfie would hop off unnoticeably to try and think of plans to escape. It would be much easier for Soren when the time came, with his privileges as an apprentice he has more freedom...but he couldn't leave without Gylfie. Aside from his brother, Gylfie seemed like his only friend. Thankfully because of Gylfie's size, things might be easier than it could have been for them.

They finally arranged a night to sneak out and away. Soren and Kludd had to keep watch of the moonblinked owls and make sure everyone was in their rightful place, and it was around the outside of the boundaries. Gylfie would find a way to slowly but surely sneak off into the direction of their guard post. With being small, it was easier than they had thought. Soren had taught her to fly when no one was looking, though she didn't get as much practice as she should have gotten to be able to escape successfully, but this was the best it could get before they went insane.

Kludd didn't know about any of this until that night. He had a feeling that Soren wasn't exactly happy or thrilled to be a part of the army, but thought he would warm up to it over time. He was surprised that Soren was actually going to go through with this; and with an elf owl!

Now, Kludd didn't exactly agree with the genus laws and ranks, but ever since he had been taken to St. Aggie's, he felt at home...at peace...like he had belonged. With brothers and sisters, mentors, leaders, things he felt he lacked at the hollow, even though he had Soren and, once upon a time, Eglantine. Kludd finally felt happy. He liked being admired and included. He was especially fond of Nyra, but never had the heart or the guts to tell anybody.

"Are you crazy, Soren? How do you think this will actually happen without you getting caught? Especially with her? How has she not been seen yet?" Kludd exclaimed in a whisper.

"Shhh! Please, Kludd, please don't alert anybody, please don't report us missing. I know that soon it'll show that I am gone, but no one will notice for at least a little while, and I doubt anybody would recognize Gylfie as being gone...I can't live like this, Kludd, I feel like I'm falling into a moonblinked daze myself!"

Kludd stared intently at Soren and Gylfie, shifting eyes between the two of them. He sighed in defeat.

"Fine, I won't, but I'm not taking any blame or taking part in smuggling you guys out. I better not get caught from someone else off my guard. If you guys are going to leave, leave immediately and hurry!"

"Kludd...come with us, this is our chance! We can escape, we don't even have to go home to the hollow. We're going to find a new home, through the Sea of Hoolemere, to the Great Tree! Please Kludd, it'll be so wonderful..." Soren begged with pleading eyes to his brother. He knew his brother liked it here, but he didn't want to lose him.

"Soren...You don't know me, at all..." Kludd sighed once more. "I don't think that the tree is a true place, and even if it is, how could it possibly be so great like they describe in the stories and the myths? Living here, a Pure One, a soldier, I'm happy. This is my new life. This is what I want. Happiness...I'm there. But I guess you still have a way to go..."
"But they kidnapped us, and..."

"I feel like that was for the best, or at least for me. I am trying so hard to understand you, Soren, I don't know what you're not seeing about this place. We get food, we get to fly, we get to battle and train...we have everything we need right here." he paused. "I'm your brother...but I'm already home."

Soren let out what sounded like a slow, sad heave of air. "I don't understand...but I guess I never could. I don't need to train, I don't need to battle...I just want to be free. I just want to be happy." Soren glided a few feet forward and looked outwards, to the world, places he's never seen, places he wants to go. He motioned to Gylfie that he was about to take off. He swiveled his head backwards one more time to his brother. He came to the realization that this is where his brother and him must part. He hoped in his gizzard that this wouldn't be the last time they meet.

"Perhaps I'll see you again, whether it be a moon cycle or the passes of many Rain...I'll miss you, Kludd." Soren and Gylfie looked at one another, spread their wings, and took off. Kludd hopped over, watching them soar above the canyons until he could see them no more.

"I'll miss you too, Soren..."
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