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Discovering the Past

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:59 am    Post subject: Discovering the Past Reply with quote

The dim moonlight danced of the owl's feathers as it soard above Maroon Forest. It was Kennicottii's first time hunting by himself, meaning without his step-father, Nubicola, coaching him. A nice mouse it was, for a young owl. Kennicottii could already fly and now, hunt the right animals. He was fully fledged, and this was his last day at the nest. And even though he had came to this owl family at a very young age, he had never dared to ask about his true parents.

But whenever he felt like bringing up the question, the words died before they made it past his beak. Kennicottii decided to ask without hesitating before he left.

I hope they're alive. Perhaps I could meet them, and ask them how I got here, Kennicotti thought. He extended his talons, and grasped the branch on the old oak tree firmly.

"Oh my! What a catch you have there! Oh, Kenny, it's a shame you're leaving tomorrow night," his step-mother, Whitneyi, said. She had always called Kennicottii "Kenny" ever since he had been rescued by them. Whitneyi and Nubicola knew they wouldn't have eggs, but certainly did know how to treat young owls. They had tried to make Kennicottii feel comfort in their small, yet humble hollow.

"Please, mum, I'm not a chick anymore," Kennicottii said. He took a deep breath, preparing to ask about his parents. But instead of saying the words, he made a choking noise.

"Are you gonna yarp up somethin', or are you just gaggin' on a fly?" Nubicola said.

"N-no...I just wanted to ask," Kennicottii began, "what happened to...my REAL parents?" His step-parents swivled their heads and exchanged worried blinks. These owls had always tried to hide the truth, but it was time they told their "Kenny" before he left.

"Well, you see...when you were young, you were alone with your sisters and brother in your hollow while your parents were hunting, when two Dark Owls tried to capture you and your siblings. But your parents arrived at the right moment to defend their young. But avast, they died, and your brothers and sisters were captured, and taken to the Lake of Memory. Luckily, as you were falling, me and my mate saw you falling and rescued you," Whitneyi explained.

"But how did you see the battle?" Kennicottii asked.

"We were huntin' in the higher parts of the forest, and had decided to rest. We could see the battle, only 20 talons away from it," Nubicola answered. Kennicottii released the mouse from his talons, and blinked in sadness and disbelief. His parents, dead? It was certainly believable, but for Kennicottii, he just sensed they were alive. He thought for sure they were.

"But..." Kennicottii started to say. There wasn't any way he could say otherwise.

"I know it's sad, and that's why we tried to protect you from the horrible truth," Whitneyi said. She sighed. "Like how your siblings were dropped into the lake." Now Kennicottii was devistated. His brother and sisters were dead too?

"I'm the only one left of my family?" Kennicottii asked.

"Not exactly. Your grandowls might still be alive," Nubicola said, trying to give Kennicottii a little hope. But it didn't. It just made him more sad.

MIGHT be alive? That isn't helping! Kennicottii thought.
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Joined: 13 Jan 2012
Posts: 28
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The moon rose above the Great Grammicus river. The moonlight glimmered like little diamonds in the water. Kennicottii opened his big black eyes. He looked around the hollow. Though barn owls had superior hearing, but Kennicottii couldn't here the rustle of his step-parents.

"Mum? Da?" Kennicottii said. No response. He looked out the hollow entrance, hoping they were hunting for breakfast for his last day. But they weren't. They didn't hunt this early. Kennicottii tried to see if he could hear their heart beat. But the only two he heard were from dying owls, right below the hollow.

He flew out of the hollow, and landed on the leaves of the forest floor. He saw two barn owls-Nubicola and Whitneyi.

"Mum! Da! Who...who did this?" Kennicottii asked with a shivering body.

"The...the...Dark...Ow.." Whitneyi said with her last words. Her blood covered feathers stopped moving slowly. Nubicola turned his head slightly towards Kennicottii.

"We...lo..ve...y.." Nubicola said. Then, he too, stopped breathing like his mate. Kennicottii collapsed on his stomach with shaky talons.

"This couldn't get worse," he whispered to himself. "My parents, my brothers, my sisters, and now, my step-parents?" Then something grabbed Kennicottii in its talons. It couldn't have been an owl. The feet were much bigger, and the talons, much bigger also.

"What are you? Who are you?" Kennicottii asked.

"Shut up! All those questions will be answered when you get to my nest," the creature, which now Kennicottii asumed was a much larger bird, said.

What in the world is this? Kennicottii thought.
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