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Legacy of the Silver Bell

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:11 am    Post subject: Legacy of the Silver Bell Reply with quote

I am stuck at the airport at the moment.I have been here since 5:30.Guess what time it is?12:00 p.m!We had engine problems.While I am sitting here waiting to get to Florida,I had a brillant story idea involving owls.Here you go. 4/16/12-I am now back in my home state.

A tree in the middle of a magestic sea is splintering and burning in a blazing fire.The call of several owls resonated through the forest.In the owl langauge,Hoolian,they were shouting "Fire!Fire!Colliers,prepare!"Several owls flew out,carring buckets,meant for coals,filled with water.Screeching mothers call out and dive for their babies,colliers ir not.King Soren let out the same frantic call from before.Bell looked up from her new brood.Her mate,Bryson,flew out,prepred to help.Bell delicately laid a silver bell on top of her eggs,her prized possesion.She found it,buried in a ruin of something called a castle.She grabbed her bucket and quickly flew out of the nesting hollow.Her accute Barn Owl hear a crackle and she swiveled her head so fast her body had to catch up.In one blink of her ebony eyes the knot in which her nest was in broke off into the ocean.She screeched and dive down fir them.But the turbulent seas decided otherwise,and her nest was gone within seconds.She plummeted down to the ground,weighted down by grief.Bryson was quickly by her side.She pecked and clawed at anyone who got near her.She screamed "Find my eggs!Find my eegggsss!"

The eggs floated along the raging sea.An egg has already fallen overboard and sunk to its doom.Suddenly,a vulture appears overhead,heading towards the Great Tree.It knows fire equals death.It looked down and saw the eggs and swooped in.In its mighty talons it grabbed all four remaining eggs,leaving the nest seemingly empty,except for the silver bell.

The nest,after many hours,landed up on the shores of an ice cliff.A female puffin was overhead,preparing to dive for her dinner.She looked up at her mate,Bubba.He seemed happy,but he knew that could never be.She was infertile.No babies.She sighed and dived.She stopped mid-dive when she saw a bundle of sticks,just floating against the shore.She flew over,and saw it was a nest.She waddled over and saw a silver bell.Of course,her being a puffin,she didn't know what it was.She was going to pick it up when something white caught her eye.An egg.It had a large crack on the side.The shiny thing must have hit it.she thought.She craddled the egg in her beak and brought it to her nest.

"Bubby,what have you brought to eat?" Bubba asked when she floated to the nest.He saw her enlarged beak."It must be a bigg'n.Look at your beak!" She dropped the egg without a word.His small eyes got much larger when he saw the egg."You want us to raise it?" She nodded."I think that would be..." he saw the serious look in her eyes


"Mum," Ding asked,with the silver bell jingling on her neck "Why can't I dive with you?" Bubby shook her head."You are too young." "But you told me you started when you were my age!" Bubby shook her head again."You are just coming of age slower,dear." Ding ruffled her feathers and went to her corner of the ice crevice.

That night she cracked open one eye,to make sure her parents were asleep.She woddled towards the opening,and watched the night.Every night she sawcreatures that looked just like her,that her parents called "owls".She desprately wanted to fly free with them,to see what it was like.But her parents told her to never fly at night.That night,she saw an owl that intrigued her.He had sleak feathers,flying silently across the night sky.His eyes were as black as night.

He turned his head towards her,and she wilfed,and looked away.He flew over to the opening.She backed away."Don't be afriad of me,miss." "I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." "I'm not the strange one.Why is a Barn Owl living with puffins?" She tilited her face in confusion."Barn Owl?I'm a puffin." She puffed herself up proudly.He laughe,the most an owl could laugh."I've never seen a puffin with black eyes,that for sure." She looked at herself in the reflecting light of the night.Her eyes were pitch black,while her parents were brown and murky."I know I'm differfrent," she said finally,"But I'm a puffin by love and raising,not by blood." She stood up proudly and majestically.

For a reason he didn't understand,he bowed to her."I understand." He hopped back up."I'm I'm Silver,by the way." She reapeated his name,Silver,Silver,several times,letting it roll on her tongue."What a pretty name." He chortled,and she wilfed,realizing how silly that was."I'm Ding." He chortled again."Ding,what kind of name is Ding!?" She puffed up her feathers again and hissed at him,clicking her beak."Don't be rude!I was named that because the silver thing on my neck goes ding-dong!" As if to prove her point,the bell on her neck went ding-dong softly.If he was anything but a Barn Owl,he wouldn't have heard it.He nodded."That silver thing is a bell." Bell,she said in her mind.She looked down."Thank you,Silver." "No problem miss." She looked up again,but he had flown away silently into the night.


Every night since that first meeting,she would stay up late just to see Silver."Where did you get those shiny things on your feet and face?" She asked him,rfefering to his battle claws and mask."These?These are battle claws and my mask.They protect me on missons." She tilited her head in confusion."Missons?For what?" "The Great Ga'Hoole Tree." The name clicked in her head,like it was familiae,butbshe asked anyway."What is the Great Ga'Hoole Tree?" He looked afronted that she didn't what it was."The Great tree?The home of owls who protect the weak and heal the broken?" "Nope." "You have to hear the legends."

Everynight afterwards,he would tell her bits and pieces of the legend of Ga'Hoole.Soon,she could recite them all by heart.She needed to see this Ga'Hoole Tree.And Silver would give her that chance.

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