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Second movie plot?
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:29 pm    Post subject: Re: My interpretation of the second-movie plot: Reply with quote

[quote="Claude2001"]In chronological order:

1) Soren's stories about Kludd's unrecovery from the end of the first movie
2) Kludd becomes the new High Tyto / Metal Beak; kills his and Soren's parents
3)Kludd seaks the remaining Pure Ones and marries Nyra
4)Parliament asks the Band to investigate St. Aggie's while Otulissa, Martin, and Ruby are scent to the Northern Kingdoms
5)Half of the Pure Ones, run by Nyra, put St. Aggie's back in business while the Band investigate
6)The other half of the Pure Ones, lead by Kludd, invade and lay siege to the great tree
7)In the midst of war and confusion, Eglantine is kidnapped and shattered by Ginger; Strix Struma is killed
8)Otulissa meets Cleve; Ruby and Martin learn the art of ice weapons
9)Nyra lays two eggs - the "Sacred Orb" and Nyroc - at St. Aggie's
10)The Band escapes St. Aggie's... again; seek refuge in Spirit Woods; Soren meets his parents' scrooms
11)News of the siege, Eglantine's kidnapping, and Strix Struma's death reaches both the Band and the Northern Kingdoms; Otulissa has a mental breakdown and Cleve tries to comfort her---love in the air---
12)Eglantine is comfronted by Nyra to serve her and her heirs
13)The Band, Otulissa, Martin, and Ruby return to the great tree, prepare for war with help from the Northern Kingdoms
14)INVASION!!! (GA'HOOLE equivalent of D-DAY, BATTLE OF BERLIN, V-E DAY) BATTLE OF THE BURNING at St. Aggie's, Eglantine is rescued, Sacred Orb is dropped and shattered, Digger is captured by the Pure Ones to lure the Guardians, Kludd and Soren battle each other with fire-claws, Kludd injures Glyfie, Soren has the liability to either kill of not kill his own brother, Twilight delivers Kludd's fatal blow
15)Soren feels neither relieved or confused, but the Guardians comfort him; Cleve arrives to assist the Healing Chaw; Soren and Eglantine' parents' scrooms come to talk to them one more time, and then accend to Glamroua
16)Soren, Glyfie, Twilight, Digger, Otulissia, Ruby, and Martin form the Chaw of Chaws, becoming an official chaw of Ga'hoole
17)Soren tells another story to the young'ins at the great tree about the victory of the war, Kludd and the Pure Ones' defeat, and releaving that one of Kludd and Nyra's eggs survive the battle
18) Nyra looms at her hatching egg under the shine of an eclipse - Nyroc/Coryn

Another Owl City song, perhaps?
MAYBE Pellimore could make a cameo appearance, showing her affection for Soren?

So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind and, take To The Sky!
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh, It's ... awesome, perfect!
And yeah, Pellimore need a cameo.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not to be a bubble burster, but I don't think they'll make a second movie. They barely made a profit off of the first one.

(I really liked the Owl City song in the first one. Owl City was the first band I ever liked, and it brought back memories of about 3 or 4 years ago.)
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think dragon owls are going to be in it, seeing how the credits foreshadowed it.
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