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Supposed Sequel

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:43 am    Post subject: Supposed Sequel Reply with quote

"Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga' Hoole" received mixed reviews from critics. Search on boxofficemojo.com, and you'll see how much it made. You'll see the rating on rottentomatoes.com, along with other people's opinions.

Say, for argument's sake that a sequel was planned, but they couldn't do it. There was a proposition a while ago for an RP on here to play out the sequel, but that was at a dead end from the lack of support.

On another note, because Bill Hunter (who voiced Bubo) is dead, there needs to be a replacement, my first choice being Michael Gambon. Because of my mental cast list, I hear Ian McDiarmid as Ezylryb.

So, here's my idea: I'm giving a synopsis on what the sequel could have been. I would like to see if you tried giving your synopsis pitch as well. Feedback on my pitch would be appreciated. Here goes.

Given the betrayal of the Great Grey Owl Allomere, the Guardians along with all the other owls of Ga' Hoole are questioning who to trust. Even though he's dead, they wonder if more of them have already been lurking in the Great Tree for some time, or if any of them even defected to their enemies.
Even though Soren and his best friends were dubbed Guardians, they still have much to learn. Ezylryb gives a monologue as a montage seeing Soren fly through a rainstorm, Gylfie and Otulissa performing flight maneuvers, Digger with others in a forest playing detective, and Twilight sparring with Boron.
This monologue is shown by him having written in a logbook. Soren is in Ezylryb's hollow, where they go over the results of his tests, whilst enjoying some tea. It's not favouritism of a teacher to a student, but they have already started to bond.
Cut to the hollow that Soren shares with his friends. All kinds of layouts are scattered, given their chaws and assignments. The good feeling is gone by the time Soren starts thinking about his missing brother, who was never found after the forest fire in the previous encounter.
Soren's sister Eglantine has her own hollow, and she's grown a bond with the Pygmy Owl Primrose. She worries, too, knowing that it was a traitor who brought her to the tree. So, she has mixed feelings, knowing that she's with her loving brother, but she had to thank a traitor for that.
Digger returns from a session, back to the Tree, the chaw having brought a wounded Barn Owl named Ginger from the Tyto Forest. She says that she and her family were assaulted by Pure Ones as a price of refusing to join them. This message is relayed to the Parliament, the meeting eavesdropped on by the Band. Soren then goes to see Ezylryb to repeat to him what Digger said about Ginger when the chaw found her, making them both suspicious as her story didnít add up.

On the night that follows, word spreads that Ginger eagerly leaves with a chaw, saying that she wants to see which chaw is suitable for her. The monarchs show the distaste that they share in this idea, along with the fact that Ginger strayed from the others during the routine reconnaissance in which she joined. To Eglantineís disappointment, Ginger wasnít in the hollow all day. It is reported that the mysterious Barn Owl left the Great Tree after dinner. The Parliament didnít need to wonder for long, as Ginger returned unexpectedly.
Within minutes after, enemy forces fly up to the island, and stormed in, attacking other owls that they see. In a panic, the Parliament and other owls up to it, get their helmets and blades to fight back. To Sorenís horror, he finds Nyra, along with an owl in a metal mask battle claws stained red. Without thinking, he pursues the two, and Otulissa joins in with her own intentions. Unfortunately, with the Pure Onesí forces crippled, Nyra and her partner flee.
The aftermath explained is the casualties. To make Soren feel even worse, he and Eglantine are informed that their parents were among those who were brutally killed during the assault. Even though it was the wrong time, Otulissa tells him that she was after Nyra as she killed Otulissaís mother figure and favourite teacher, Strix Struma. Still, the thirst for vengeance doesnít get in the way of her playing detective on how the Pure Ones found the Great Tree.

Soren, being blinded by his grief for his parents, decides that heís not up to the classes that follow. This prompts Ezylryb to bring him to his hollow for tea, to tell about his family. He tells about a brother, whoís dead to him. Ezylryb explains that he was raised to be a soldier where he grew up, the Northern Kingdoms, as there are always open conflicts. He left the Northern Kingdoms, having been betrayed by his brother over a female owl, resulting in her death on a mission that could have ended a conflict in which he got involved. He assaulted his brother, but didnít kill.
Though having listened, Soren admits that fails to see the point, and departs. When isolating himself, Soren misses much of the news. The issue that gets his full attention, is that Eglantine is missing. Afraid for her, he leaves the Great Tree in a hurry. His friends tag along, and so do Barran (the queen) and two other friends that they make.
While searching Tyto Forest, it finally dawns on both Soren and Otulissa. Thereís also the fact that Ginger was missing as well. This frightens Soren further, as Eglantine was likely being lured into a trap.
As Soren predicts, he finds that Eglantine is held in the tree where they used to live. Heís on the verge of tears, looking back on the night that he saw her hatch. Overcome with emotion, he swoops into the hollow, ignoring his friendsí warnings. Upon entering, Nyra is inside, waiting, and subdues him as fast as he lands. When Soren comes to, he finds himself and Eglantine tied together. Nyra relentlessly interrogates him, and Soren raises her irritation, repeating that he arrived alone, wanting to see his sister again. He awaits the companyís aid, hoping that he could stall Nyra long enough. Soren turns out to be correct, as Nyra follows the sounds of owls hitting the trees or the ground. Itís Digger that breaks the vines restraining Soren and Eglantine, and then guides them to the enemy. Eglantine finds her friend Primrose carrying an egg, with Nyra and others in pursuit, which becomes harder once a tree catches on fire. The fire spreads quickly, but Soren gives the upper wing, already having experience in flying through a wildfire. Being protective, he keeps Eglantine and Primrose concealed by the smoke of the fire, giving them a chance of escape. They catch up with Ezylryb and Barran, who are already followed by Sorenís close friends and new friends.
Having departed from the forest and confused the enemy, Soren sees that Primrose dropped the egg that she held on to. He asks about it, and she explains that Nyra was guarding it when finding her and Eglantine, and how she hoped to use it against Nyra.

When reaching the Great Tree again, Ezylryb and Barren point out that Ginger was unaccounted for. While Soren grimly implies her fate, the point remains unclear (for censorship reasons). More information is relayed as well, that the Pure Ones claimed the canyons as their territory, and having new intentions with flecks. Having taken a suggestion from Otulissa into account, the Parliament conjures up a plan on recruiting and invading. While the Parliament goes over that, Soren tends to his sister to recover from the scares they had.
After a class that follows, Soren goes to see Ezylryb in his hollow for tea. Having made a decision, Ezylryb gives him the set of his old battle claws, which are now polished and sharpened. He looks around before giving Soren instructions in a low voice. Ezylryb also confesses his lament of having no chick of his own, and hopes to be a father to Soren. Though reluctant, Soren accepts as they have grown a strong bond.
The young owls split up as they travel up north to contact Ezylrybís past connections. Soren and Twilight go to an iced lagoon, giving a letter written by Ezylryb to an aging Snowy Owl. Otulissa and Gylfie are at an island for their library to find books with the titles in their note. Digger and Primrose are consulting with snakes for inspiration for new strategies.
Soren and Twilight gladly follow lessons on the use of the ice weapons. The outcomes of their maneuvers donít go without small lectures. Twilight does comment that he needs time handling the weapon, being used to beating others with his lute. Otulissa finds herself distracted by another owl seeming to stalk her and watch her. She catches up with him while dining, hoping to tell him off. To her surprise, he says how heís convinced heís infatuated with her.
Unfortunately, a new problem follows. While the first part of their missions is complete, they have no promise that the new weapons would be provided or any of the soldiers would join. Given the weather conditions the Parliament is sure to have too much difficulty to get their next message. This thins Sorenís patience and that of the other owls. As a result, they decide to depart, but theyíre intercepted by enemies that arenít Pure Ones. Being outnumbered and lacking weapons, they have no choice but to flee. There should be a backview shot of an owl having watched the brief fight.

Before their wounds are looked after, Soren speaks to Parliament, expecting to take full responsibility for the error. After the meeting is adjourned, Eglantine rushes to him and expresses worry. Soren claims that heís fine, which Eglantine doesnít believe. So, Soren points out that he doesnít need help. He then expresses his irritation as he lets her know that he needs to protect her. Eglantine gives the fact that Soren canít protect her forever. It wasnít his fear for his sister that got to him, but he leaves before she could see him cry.
In the library, Gylfie has a heart-to-heart with Soren, speaking to him as his best friend. He does feel better after. Taking the nudge that he needed, he finds Eglantine again, to merely give her affection. No words are needed. Just when heís about to depart, he finds Ezylryb waiting, and says Bubo wants to see him.
While being guided to the forge, Digger, who tagged along, informs Soren of the ice weapons that theyíre given, and who would use them: Soren being among those owls. In the forge, Bubo gives Soren a lecture on what Otulissa could find of another use of coals, and explains a part of the plan for the invasion.
Ezylryb gives the rest on the schematics that the Guardians obtain, so routes could be established. All members of Parliament are involved as well.
Nyra speaks of another egg that she watches over, which she knows would be hatched in the occurrence of the eclipse, and how she has hope for the future hatchling, which Kludd doesnít pay attention to, having heard it for the tenth time already. Kludd then has her full attention when she goes up to nuzzle him. He then gives his own small lecture on the pride and glory that the Pure Ones would have, which makes Nyra even happier. Heís only holding onto his mask, but his face is unseen, as the perfect implication that his face is disfigured.
When the time comes to depart, Soren insists that Eglantine comes along. Ezylryb, understanding why, is the one to grant it, and ordered to get a set of blades for her. With all the weapons that they have, the Guardians make their way west, to the canyons. The Guardians rely on stealth to begin their invasion. With the help of Bubo, Soren and Otulissa lay the coals upon the fleck stacks, rendering them useless without causing an alarm.
With the Pure Ones having lost their first defense, the Guardians move in and cripple their security. While Bubo does the honours of getting Ezylrybís blades on Sorenís claws, Soren is also given an ice sword. Gylfie and Digger are each given a pair of ice daggers, and Twilight is given an ice scimitar. Soren leads a squad including his friends to where the High Tyto would likely be.
Before long, the Guardians and Pure Ones are in open conflict. Soren searches the land until he finds the owl in the metal mask, the new Metalbeak. To his horror, having recognized the body, itís his brother Kludd. He lets his guard down at the discovery and is open for attack. Nyra makes her way toward him, but Otulissa intercepts and engages her. Similar to the struggle in ďReturn of the JediĒ, Soren is hesitant to fight Kludd even though Kludd shows that he would kill without regret. Despite a horrifying screech from Kludd, Soren quickly evades the attack. Then sounding like teasing him Kludd dares Soren to chase him, a challenge that is then accepted.

To make matters worse, Soren finds that Gylfie and Digger are kept bound to rocks, each one with a soldier threatening to kill them. This is the common idea, a villain putting their enemy between a rock and a hard place. Soren merely blocks and dodges Kluddís strikes. While doing so, he says that heís not the vengeful type, and feels what Kludd doesnít. Kludd takes the last remark as an insult. Still, Soren refrains from striking back, which stalls the enemy long enough for other friends to kill the guards watching the fight and free Gylfie and Digger. Soren then shows his real skills in fighting. It ends with Kludd being thrown against a wall and laying on the ground, and Soren has just the point of his sword against Kluddís throat. Bubo informs Soren that Nyra and the remaining soldiers outflew them.
Soren decides that heís done, and lowers his sword, stating that killing Kludd wonít bring his parents back, and Kludd is already dead to him for the damage thatís been done. Kludd tries to take advantage of this mercy and lashes out, but Soren turns around and, with the ice sword, slashes across Kluddís chest. Soren slowly approaches his late brother, and removes the mask as Kludd bleeds out and groans from the pain. His face still remains unseen, but there are shots of the other owls with their expressions. While most of them show shock or disgust, Soren and Ezylryb merely express disappointment. Ezylryb is the one to comment that Kludd became what he really looked like.

Eglantine goes to see Soren outside on a branch, back at the island, asking about the killing of Kludd. He doesnít say anything, but he prays that his parents would forgive him, knowing that Kludd needed to be killed. Eglantine assures him that they would understand. As Soren gives his monologue, Ezylryb is seen eating his favourite kind of caterpillars while writing; the matrons tend to the wounds of the warriors; owls are paying respects to friends that died in the battle or bled out overtime, including a friend of Bubo; and the rest of the band is out on a branch as well, watching Soren and Eglantine. Soren has a wing over his sister and they watch the distance, the shot slowly zooming out, before fading to black.
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OMG man that was beautiful!
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