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Owls in Serbia

LEO yapping.jpg

Long-eared Owl communal roosts this winter season and other owls in a field

26 files, last one added on Jun 22, 2005
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Story about Long-eared Owl pellets... and some other owls as well

T - Potpecka cave - entrance.jpg

16 files, last one added on Oct 24, 2004
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Owl creations: woodwork


2 files, last one added on Oct 13, 2006
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Owl creations: owl mask

06 owl brothers.jpg

In 2001 for school mask competition, we made our very first mask - guess what it was! Djole (my elder son) was 8 years old and absolutely patient and proud owl! At a moment he even felt as owl...

6 files, last one added on Aug 05, 2004
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Owl creations: owl cakes

Barney cake.jpg

It's stronger then me, I have to admit. Addicted to make nature inspired food shapes, this time cakes...

3 files, last one added on May 11, 2005
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Owl figurines done by other people

Belgrade zoo wall Paki.jpg

13 files, last one added on Apr 29, 2005
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Owl gift :D

Bubo_s LEO painting.jpg

Gifts about owl stuff

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Belgrade Zoo

Tyto alba.jpg

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Arizona owls


6 files, last one added on Aug 20, 2006
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LEO movies


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Last additions - tanja sova's Gallery
Woodburn_Tanja_Sova_Barn_Owl_hunting.jpgpyrography - Barnie huntingtanja sovaOct 13, 2006
Woodburn_Barnie___bats.jpgBarnie in the nighttanja sovaOct 08, 2006
unusual_nest_2.jpgunusual nest in a treetanja sovaAug 20, 2006
unusual_nest_1.jpgVery unusual nest - close uptanja sovaAug 20, 2006
Tanja_Sova_-_LEO_WR_low_flight.wmvLong-eared Owls winter roost - another roosting site, typical low flighttanja sovaAug 14, 2006
Tanja_Sova_-_LEO_part_of_one_WR.wmvLong-eared Owls winter roost - other point of view of the same sitetanja sovaAug 14, 2006
Tanja_Sova_-_LEO_second_part_of_the_same_WR.wmvPart of one winter roost in Serbiatanja sovaAug 14, 2006
Wild in heart I.jpg
Wild in heart I.jpgWild in heart Itanja sovaApr 09, 2006
Wild in heart II.jpg
Wild in heart II.jpgWild in heart IItanja sovaApr 09, 2006
Wild in heart III.jpg
Wild in heart III.jpgWild in heart IIItanja sovaApr 09, 2006

Random files - tanja sova's Gallery
Bubo bubo.jpg
Bubo bubo.jpgBubo bubo zootanja sova
Cute.jpgBarn Owl owlettanja sova
02 owl Jelena & Djole.jpg
02 owl Jelena & Djole.jpgJelena & Djordjetanja sova
Adorable.jpgAdorable onetanja sova
Strix chocolatus.jpg
Strix chocolatus.jpgStrix chocolatustanja sova
03 owl flying II.jpg
03 owl flying II.jpgowl flyingtanja sova
Wild in heart IV.jpg
Wild in heart IV.jpgWild in heart IVtanja sova
unusual_nest_1.jpgVery unusual nest - close uptanja sova
Woodburn_Tanja_Sova_Barn_Owl_hunting.jpgpyrography - Barnie huntingtanja sova
Sova lampa 01.jpg
Sova lampa 01.jpgOwl lamp in my corner of the room, my ow(l)n noottanja sova