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Username Tyedbylove
Status active
Joined Aug 08, 2006
Location Memphis, TN
Interests Owls and wildlife rehab and education
Occupation Vet Tech. and Executive Director of the Exotic Animal Rescue League
Biography Salutations all.
I go by the name of Tyed and I have been rehabilitationg wildlife from sparrows to bob-cats for many years. I bacame "legal" a few years ago and have been put in charge of my areas only wildlife and exotic animal rescue organization. But, for all that I know... there is SO much more that I need to learn. So PLEASE teach me all that you know because I want to know it all... not that one lifetime would permit such a thing!
I believe in soul-mates. I also believe in each person having that one animal soul mate. Ty is my soul mate. When he hurts... I hurt. When he looks around... my eyes follow to see what it is that he sees. Also... he is the one animal in all of the animals that make my life a rich and rewarding experience that I know, should something happen to him, the hole left in my heart would leave a space that nothing else could ever fill. Sappy... perhaps. True... Without a doubt.
Thankyou for letting me be a part of this wonderful place. I hop ethat I can add to it in some way!
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