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DSC00919.JPGlistening to secretsbubo06/10/05 at 09:40gustavo: WHat a pic !!!!!!! Its my favourite !! very cute !...
norvica owl ring 1.jpg
norvica owl ring 1.jpgOwl Ring from Novica ( at 04:19gustavo: Very nice Deane, i wish i could have one :...
desenho-filo-mao-2.jpggustavo04/15/05 at 08:56gustavo: Filó´s portrait .
DerekOwls12.jpgDerek's Owls04/15/05 at 08:53gustavo: nery nice !!!!!!!cool!!!keep going !!
barn owl 2a~0.JPG
barn owl 2a~0.JPGrescued off the road Barn owl (collision victim) :(OWL VIPER04/12/05 at 07:52gustavo:
BerryMerry_siz.jpgSqueak perched in a berry bush04/12/05 at 07:48gustavo: OHH !!!What a pic!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the contrast...
Bur Owl 1.jpg
Bur Owl 1.jpgBurrowing OWLOWL VIPER04/08/05 at 10:38gustavo: she is doing yoga? it's so cute
DSC00913 grey 800 pixells.jpg
DSC00913 grey 800 pixells.jpgbubo04/07/05 at 03:23gustavo: :...
DSC00914 grey 800.jpg
DSC00914 grey 800.jpgkadabrabubo04/07/05 at 03:21gustavo: It´s not fare !!!! You´re a such a machine Bubo !!...
DSC00883.JPGkadabrabubo03/09/05 at 16:58gustavo: UUUUUAAAALLLLL !!!!! What a expression...... Very...
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