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IMG_reduced.JPGOwl in Kruger National Park04/20/06 at 15:48owlpages: yes, i do think this is an African Barred Owlet. T...
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back to tree 4-9 004_resized.jpgOwlwatcher getting ready to pick up Laurelowlwatcher04/12/06 at 10:03owlpages: be verwy verwy quiet, i'm hunting wabbit s...
Copy of 100_0480.jpg
Copy of 100_0480.jpglast time out before moultingJester04/11/06 at 07:27owlpages: Wow, superb picture Alan!
SnowOwl12840-0106~0.jpgBubo scandiacusRon Green01/25/06 at 09:46owlpages: Very nice capture Ron!
fluffydude.jpgfluffy dudemikey10011/09/05 at 05:38owlpages: It's a snowy owl Jen.
Hooty.jpgDoes anyone know what kind of owl this is?11/01/05 at 06:01owlpages: I would say a Northern Saw-whet Owl.
filo-lagartixa.jpgSome may not like this pic !!! But i do !!gustavo05/09/05 at 09:51owlpages: "This is necessary... Life feeds on life"...
norvica owl ring 1.jpg
norvica owl ring 1.jpgOwl Ring from Novica ( at 21:20owlpages: Yes, it is very nice, it fited me perfectly too!
DSC00242.JPGjammububo09/13/04 at 09:33owlpages: Yep, wonderful Job Bubo
Strix chocolatus.jpg
Strix chocolatus.jpgStrix chocolatustanja sova08/08/04 at 23:06owlpages: mmmmm.... Strix chocolatus
Large Owl jpg.JPG
Large Owl jpg.JPGLarge OwlEmma07/14/04 at 22:01owlpages: looks like a short-eared owl i think
claudia2.jpgClaudia & Hopiwildspirits05/11/04 at 10:16owlpages: Wow!
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