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boris tree.jpg
boris tree.jpgIt's the bloke with the glove- if I hide here he'll never see me!!mikey10007/02/05 at 23:22bubo: absolutely tops mate!!!!
henry1.jpgmikey10007/02/05 at 23:18bubo: hahahahahahahahaha lovely picture mate and thank y...
jack tia.jpg
jack tia.jpgmikey10006/12/05 at 17:32bubo: now that is a cute little piccy
Raven Raptors 024.5.jpg
Raven Raptors 024.5.jpgcolohen06/12/05 at 17:29bubo: i bet that nose was a bit sore afterwards n...
Jenny and Sparky Sellafield.JPG
Jenny and Sparky Sellafield.JPGJenny and SparkyJenny06/12/05 at 01:50bubo: that is a great picture and the background is wond...
DSC00883.JPGkadabrabubo06/11/05 at 19:27bubo: thank you every one that is really kind of you
LEO baby.jpg
LEO baby.jpgbaby LEOtanja sova05/24/05 at 16:29bubo: awwwwwwwwwwwwww
rabbithead1small.jpgJester05/24/05 at 16:29bubo: good pics mate!!! i just love it when the feathers...
foto-3~0.jpgfilógustavo04/28/05 at 06:34bubo: oh look the tiny ear tufts are up hahaha
filo-web.jpgThat´s a 6.0 M of resolution!! What a diference !!gustavo04/28/05 at 06:33bubo: fantastic
filo-site-1.jpggustavo04/28/05 at 06:33bubo: this is lovely (could i ask what the tree is behin...
VMGHO2.jpgGreat Horned Owl on Vulture mine road another shotOWL VIPER04/28/05 at 06:30bubo: this is beautiful!!!!
Burrower2.jpgBurrowing owls,Gilbert-AZOWL VIPER04/28/05 at 06:27bubo: ooh that is eerie this piccie
Burrower at sunset1.jpg
Burrower at sunset1.jpgOWL VIPER04/28/05 at 06:26bubo: oh that is just grand!!!
AliceChristmas.jpgAlice's ChristmasKarlaOwl04/20/05 at 20:04bubo: that is just tooooooo funny
AlicesButt.jpgWet Butt ShotKarlaOwl04/20/05 at 20:02bubo: this is really funny looks like 'can you guess wha...
DSC00914 grey 800.jpg
DSC00914 grey 800.jpgkadabrabubo04/07/05 at 19:56bubo: cheers
jester 153.jpg
jester 153.jpgJester03/30/05 at 08:38bubo: oh my goodness al that is just one beautiful pictu...
DSC00883.JPGkadabrabubo03/27/05 at 22:48bubo: thank you for your warm words
top view.jpg
top view.jpgtop viewJester03/23/05 at 21:04bubo: fantastic al as always
filo-nova-2.jpggustavo03/10/05 at 01:09bubo: filo has a beautiful plumage and what chubby feet....
filo-primeiros-botes-2-!!.jpgFlying school !!!!gustavo03/10/05 at 01:06bubo: he is moulting i see cool picture
filo-nova.jpghello !!!!gustavo03/10/05 at 01:05bubo: now that is the definition of magnificent
buffy 3.jpg
buffy 3.jpgBuffy03/08/05 at 20:48bubo: just lovely
Belgrade zoo artwork.jpg
Belgrade zoo artwork.jpgBarn Owl mosaic on the outside wall of the Belgrade Zootanja sova02/09/05 at 21:22bubo: that is beautiful, it has just given me an idea fo...
Bur Owl 1.jpg
Bur Owl 1.jpgBurrowing OWLOWL VIPER02/02/05 at 23:43bubo: brilliant piccies as always mate!! i love this one...
Before_fly.JPGBefore flyRidzky Firmansyah01/27/05 at 02:48bubo: well done!!!! and thanks for caring!!
owl1b~0.jpgSleepy OwlBret Douglas01/03/05 at 10:24bubo: i love piccies of sleeping owls, their faces just ...
againstwind.jpgAgainst the wind12/23/04 at 10:13bubo: that is truly magical that picture. Could the pers...
IMAG0109.JPGMy owlsRidzky Firmansyah12/21/04 at 23:27bubo: what a fantastic picture
IMAG0011.JPGBuffyRidzky Firmansyah12/21/04 at 23:25bubo: now that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautif...
DSC00407.JPGbubo11/11/04 at 21:17bubo: she was fantastic. she gave good flights and my he...
DSC00402.JPGbubo11/11/04 at 21:16bubo: of course!! hehehehe
Bubo bubo.jpg
Bubo bubo.jpgBubo bubo zootanja sova11/09/04 at 00:30bubo: send em all over here hehehe
Asio otus.jpg
Asio otus.jpgAsio otus zoo roosttanja sova11/09/04 at 00:28bubo: looks a quarter size of my aviary
OWL plates.jpg
OWL plates.jpg10.... so far of my collectable OWL plates....OWL VIPER10/25/04 at 21:54bubo: lovely!! who are they mady by?
DSC00290.JPGbubo10/22/04 at 23:01bubo: i would spoil your lovely piccy!!!
fieldsidecopy.jpgJester10/11/04 at 07:16bubo: no words can describe this picture!!! tell me that...
040902 012.jpg
040902 012.jpgThe results.Greyghost10/08/04 at 06:30bubo: all washed up!! fab photo!!
DSC00320.JPGbubo10/05/04 at 20:36bubo: I forgot to mention that we weren't sure if a pel...
af2.jpgAsio flammeusPygmyOwl10/01/04 at 06:58bubo: what a beautiful shot
GlPassJuv.jpgGlaucidium passerinumPygmyOwl10/01/04 at 06:57bubo: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww aint he just the cut...
DSC00242.JPGjammububo10/01/04 at 06:55bubo: awww thanks guys!!
310304 019.jpg
310304 019.jpgLittle OwlGreyghost10/01/04 at 06:53bubo: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
250604 033.jpg
250604 033.jpgWhite Faced Scops OwlGreyghost10/01/04 at 06:52bubo: it looks like a schnauzer in owl form hahahahaha! ...
barn owl 4b(1).jpg
barn owl 4b(1).jpgBarn Owl in the Superstition Mountains,AZOWL VIPER09/29/04 at 03:33bubo: beautiful!
040902 009.jpg
040902 009.jpgSage taking a bath!Greyghost09/29/04 at 01:08bubo: excellent!!!!!!
FLYING BUBO.jpgFlying BuboJester09/23/04 at 00:35bubo: yeah try an

angryfront.jpgdont mess with my flip flopJester09/20/04 at 16:27bubo: what a shot!!!! fantastic!!! that really is amazin...
al owl&bird.jpg
al owl&bird.jpgal, jester and bird (blackbird)Jester09/06/04 at 20:15bubo: he looks as though it intrests him
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