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4-9 014_edited.jpg
4-9 014_edited.jpganother angle of Laurel on wall of chicken coopowlwatcher04/11/06 at 06:31Jester: remember to cut off the roof overhang for next yea...
Is there anything for me.jpg
Is there anything for me.jpgIs there anything for me, please?tanja sova06/21/05 at 08:16Jester: polly want a cracker
mae-vo-e-filha-web.jpgMariana and her mom with filó !!gustavo01/13/05 at 20:02Jester: i think he is being a little ambitious with his ch...
set 53 096a.jpg
set 53 096a.jpgGreat Horned Owl at sunsetOWL VIPER10/12/04 at 18:57Jester: nice shot
Picture 19.jpg
Picture 19.jpgbubobubo07/06/04 at 18:49alan: looks about right now i reckon
T&T.jpgT&Ttanja sova06/23/04 at 22:43alan: much cuteness the owl isnt bad too
bubos tawny owl painting.jpg
bubos tawny owl painting.jpgBubo's Tawny Owl Painting06/23/04 at 22:41alan: nice picture ................. wish i could do stu...
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