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Gvalice_Šumske_sove.jpgTawny Owl's pellet
Brown_pieces_from_pellet_3.jpgUnidentified pieces from the Tawny Owl's pellet - enlarged
Brown_piece_from_pellet_cut.jpgUnidentified piece from the Tawny Owl's pellet - cut
T- ...and pellets under the roost.jpg
T- ...and pellets under the roost.jpg...and under the roost...tanja sova
T - Zvezdara Strix aluco pellets 1.jpg
T - Zvezdara Strix aluco pellets 1.jpgStrix aluco pelletstanja sova
Nyctalus noctula scull.jpg
Nyctalus noctula scull.jpgNyctalus noctula scull from Long-eared Owl pellettanja sova
BO pellets.jpg
BO pellets.jpgBarn Owl pellets with egg shell residues insidetanja sova
03 moth helping.jpg
03 moth helping.jpgmoth helpingtanja sova
02 one long-eared pellet content.jpg
02 one long-eared pellet content.jpgsingle long-eared owl pellet contenttanja sova
01 just half of one sample.jpg
01 just half of one sample.jpgjust half of one sampletanja sova
09 bat.jpg
09 bat.jpgbat sculltanja sova
08 red-tooth shrew scull.jpg
08 red-tooth shrew scull.jpgred tooth shrewtanja sova
06 water vole scull.jpg
06 water vole scull.jpgwater vole sculltanja sova
05 my favourite.jpg
05 my favourite.jpgmy favourite tooth patterntanja sova
04 sorted pellet residues content.jpg
04 sorted pellet residues content.jpgsorted scullstanja sova
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