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Most viewed - baby barred owls (aka laurel & hardy)
back to tree 4-9 004_resized.jpg
back to tree 4-9 004_resized.jpgOwlwatcher getting ready to pick up Laurel353 viewsowlwatcher
4-10 032_resized.jpg
4-10 032_resized.jpgLaurel climbing another tree334 viewsowlwatcher
fallen owlet 3-25 001_edited.jpg
fallen owlet 3-25 001_edited.jpgfallen owlet - hardy, aprox 1 week old319 viewsowlwatcher
laurel 4-9 008_edited.jpg
laurel 4-9 008_edited.jpgLaurel watching a squirrel297 viewsowlwatcher
owl sitting on nest_edited.jpg
owl sitting on nest_edited.jpgmomma owl on nest256 viewsowlwatcher
laurel & hardy in playpen 3-26 002_edited.jpg
laurel & hardy in playpen 3-26 002_edited.jpgLaurel & Hardy in playpen255 viewsowlwatcher
owl baby 005_edited.jpg
owl baby 005_edited.jpglaurel & hardy252 viewsowlwatcher
4-9 004_edited.jpg
4-9 004_edited.jpgHardy high up in tree241 viewsowlwatcher
owl baby 002_edited.jpg
owl baby 002_edited.jpgHardy236 viewsowlwatcher
owl in tree 2_edited.jpg
owl in tree 2_edited.jpgmomma owl224 viewsowlwatcher
4-9 014_edited.jpg
4-9 014_edited.jpganother angle of Laurel on wall of chicken coop213 viewsowlwatcher
momma owl 4-1 004_edited.jpg
momma owl 4-1 004_edited.jpgMomma Owl205 viewsowlwatcher
laurel 4-9 003_edited 02.jpg
laurel 4-9 003_edited 02.jpgLaurel on ground203 viewsowlwatcher
laurel eating 3-25_edited.jpg
laurel eating 3-25_edited.jpgLaurel being fed200 viewsowlwatcher
back to tree 4-9 008_resized.jpg
back to tree 4-9 008_resized.jpgLaurel getting put back in tree197 viewsowlwatcher
squrrel in playpen 4-8 022_edited.jpg
squrrel in playpen 4-8 022_edited.jpg1/2 a squirrel in playpen195 viewsowlwatcher
back to tree 4-9 012_resized.jpg
back to tree 4-9 012_resized.jpgLaurel in tree194 viewsowlwatcher
4-10 016_resized.jpg
4-10 016_resized.jpgLaurel climbing up small tree trunk194 viewsowlwatcher
back to tree 4-9 002_resized.jpg
back to tree 4-9 002_resized.jpgLaurel headed for the pond and the alligator192 viewsowlwatcher
laurel & hardy 4-1 002_edited.jpg
laurel & hardy 4-1 002_edited.jpgLaurel & Hardy191 viewsowlwatcher
laurel & hardy 3-25 007_edited.jpg
laurel & hardy 3-25 007_edited.jpgstuffed and ready to lean on each other to sleep185 viewsowlwatcher
4-10 019_resized.jpg
4-10 019_resized.jpgLaurel and Momma Owl185 viewsowlwatcher
chicken coop 001_edited 2.jpg
chicken coop 001_edited 2.jpgThe chicken coop with playpen on top184 viewsowlwatcher
laurel & hardy 003_edited.jpg
laurel & hardy 003_edited.jpglaurel & hardy172 viewsowlwatcher
laurel 4-8 010_edited.jpg
laurel 4-8 010_edited.jpgLaurel is OK171 viewsowlwatcher
fallen owlet 3-25 006_edited.jpg
fallen owlet 3-25 006_edited.jpgfallen owlet sat up about 20 minutes after I saw him on ground169 viewsowlwatcher
hardy 4-8 026_edited.jpg
hardy 4-8 026_edited.jpgHardy166 viewsowlwatcher
hardy feeding time 4-8 001_edited.jpg
hardy feeding time 4-8 001_edited.jpgHardy & Momma166 viewsowlwatcher
hardy 3-25_edited.jpg
hardy 3-25_edited.jpghardy doing head bob165 viewsowlwatcher
feeding time 3-24 005_edited.jpg
feeding time 3-24 005_edited.jpgfeeding time164 viewsowlwatcher
putting owl back in nest 3-25 001_edited.jpg
putting owl back in nest 3-25 001_edited.jpgthe playpen163 viewsowlwatcher
owl baby 003_edited.jpg
owl baby 003_edited.jpgthis is Hardy162 viewsowlwatcher
hardy 4-7 012_edited.jpg
hardy 4-7 012_edited.jpgHardy's maiden voyage out of nest158 viewsowlwatcher
papa owl 4-7 006_edited.jpg
papa owl 4-7 006_edited.jpgPapa Owl158 viewsowlwatcher
wet owlets 001_edited.jpg
wet owlets 001_edited.jpgwet owlets156 viewsowlwatcher
4-9 009_edited.jpg
4-9 009_edited.jpgLaurel climbing up wall of chicken coop154 viewsowlwatcher
laurel & hardy 002_edited.jpg
laurel & hardy 002_edited.jpglaurel & hardy150 viewsowlwatcher
laurel & hardy 001_edited.jpg
laurel & hardy 001_edited.jpglaurel & hardy149 viewsowlwatcher
owl baby 004_edited.jpg
owl baby 004_edited.jpgHardy129 viewsowlwatcher
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